About Us

With over 125B dollars of property throughout the state and nearly 20m acres of land, MRA can find the right property for you. We have also set unprecedented sale amounts over consecutive years on mutifamily, retail, industrial, and mixed use properties.

Dan Soley

Director of Management

Dan Soley began his career in real estate managing over 500,000 square feet of commercial property for his family’s company at 22 years old. Dan worked with office, residential, industrial, and retail tenants and specialized in the building’s facilities. Dan brings an expertise in creative, modern and efficient systems to maintain properties at low costs. Dan has experience with personal developments as well, including owning and developing high end condominium lofts, restaurants, residential and industrial projects throughout Portland and surrounding areas.

Outside of property management and renovation, Dan enjoys spending time at his property on Highland Lake with his wife and child, travels regularly to the Middle East, and is involved in the Bayside Neighborhood Community.