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With over 125B dollars of property throughout the state and nearly 20m acres of land, MRA can find the right property for you. We have also set unprecedented sale amounts over consecutive years on mutifamily, retail, industrial, and mixed use properties.

Mike Nielsen

Maintenance Technician
Mike joined Maine Realty Advisors as its Head of Maintenance in 2018. Prior to MRA, Mike achieved his Journeyman Electrical License and went off to serve as a Marine Aircraft Mechanic until 1997. Upon leaving the Marines, Mike went to join the corporate workforce at Applicator Sales where he oversaw all sales and served as an inventory technician for 9 years until 2006. Pivoting his lifestyle after many years, Mike began freelancing as a handy-man where he specialized in electrical work, carpentry, light-plumbing, roofing, and general maintenance work. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his daughter Jordan and his cat Bella.